My Favorite Little Black Dress

I like to wear dresses since childhood. Mom always dressed me in beautiful dresses. And now, when I became an adult, I continue to wear dresses. I think this is the most feminine clothing. I like to dress for work of business style. Now it is very large selection of fashionable dresses. As for me, I save money with Sears coupon codes online and buy nice dresses there. Dress-case is one of my favorite dresses. I think that it is suitable for any woman. It is a lot of different style and color of the dress in my wardrobe. My husband and I often travel. I bring dresses from different countries. Cotton and silk are my favorite tissues. I like quality things. In the winter I wear a dress made of wool and other warm tissues. In the summer I wear light chiffon dresses and tunics. But most of all I like to choose the dresses evening style. I feel like a princess in it, like every woman. Cocktail dresses are very fashionable now, and I like them too. I have a few cocktail dresses of different styles and colors. I like to dance and I can freely do it in a dress. Cocktail dress should be in every woman'swardrobe. But most of all I like the little black dress. It rescued me in any situation. Little black dress is a form of cocktail and evening dresses in black knee-length. The dress of this style can be worn not only during the day to work in the office, but also to the party, adding to dress accessories. Little black dress came up in 1926 by Coco Chanel in the memory of the deceased beloved. Until that moment, black were associated with mourning, not a success, but with the arrival of the little black dress has become very fashionable. Chanel created this dress, it covered knees as she felt knees very ugly part of the female body. Any woman could afford a little black dress, even if she was with a fairly low income. After having one such dress, it was possible with the help of accessories to create a lot of combinations, and each time look different. The modern version of the dress differs significantly from the classic: can a shorter hemline, different types of collars, and the use of lace, ruffles and other decorative items. Little black dress is present in the collections of most fashion designers, as well as in almost every woman's wardrobe.
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